Salesforce CPQ

Setup Salesforce CPQ

Setting up Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) involves several key steps to configure and customize the CPQ solution according to client requirements.

  • configurations such as currency settings, price books, quote and proposal templates, discount schedules, and more. Customize these settings based on specific business needs.
  • We have Set up rules based on factors such as quantity, volume, discounts for customers, promotions, or any other criteria relevant to client pricing strategy.
  • Customize the templates with client company branding, logos, terms and conditions, and other relevant details.

Salesforce CPQ Guided Selling

Guided Selling assists in product selection by presenting relevant options and guiding users through the configuration process, With Guided Selling, sales reps can easily and quickly sort through a large product catalogue to find exactly what they are looking for.

  • We have created questionnaires or recommendation wizards in Salesforce CPQ to guide sales reps through a series of questions or prompts.
  • Based on the responses, the system can make relevant product recommendations and present the most suitable options.

Salesforce CPQ’s Advance Approval

We enforce pricing and discounting guardrails, and Advanced Approvals dramatically reduce the approval time and allow for parallel approvals.

  • The approval process typically involves the designated approver reviewing the quote to ensure it aligns with the company’s pricing guidelines, profitability targets, and any contractual obligations. They may verify that the quote adheres to specific business rules or restrictions.

Salesforce CPQ Integration & Implementation

Shortens Sales Cycle
  • With a well-crafted CPQ process, organizations can auto-book and auto-validate a segment of incoming quotes to orders, diminishing complete time sales cycle time.
Assists in Lowering Accidental Quoting Errors.
  • Quotes’ manual configuration usually leads to problems that may react in revenue loss. Well, it may be challenging to develop optimal quotes when products are complex, and orders are large.
Support Various Products with Complicated Pricing
  • With flexible consumption models, customers pay only for the features or products they use. So, your business should develop and provide products and services in a standard fashion. Here, a CPQ solution appears as a big saviour, which makes it flexible to set up discounts and margins at varied levels.


Improve revenue tracking and forecasting and reduce revenue leakage with smart renewal management. Never miss a renewal again!

Integration with ERP:

Integrate order and order lines with ERP application (e.g.: NetSuite) for generating Invoices.

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